Recyda GmbH

Recyda fights the flood of packaging waste with software and data by building the most advanced tool for recyclability assessment for consumer-goods packaging.

The solution is tackling the industry’s challenge of having more packaging recycled. Companies along the value chain are facing public, legal and financial pressure to meet recyclability goals. However, country-specific information on legislation and infrastructure (including collection, sorting and recycling systems) is mostly not available. Recyda is centralising this information and providing it in a tool that makes recyclability assessments of packaging on an international level possible.

Since its foundation in 2020, Recyda has been working closely with leading companies along the value chain of the packaging industry, including industry groups such as CEFLEX, Flexible Packaging Europe and the European Aluminium Foil Association. It is a part of Smart Green and BadenCampus accelerators. Recyda employs about 10 employees at its headquarters in Freiburg im Breisgau.

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Vivian Loftin, Co-founder
Recyda GmbH
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