WaveMetrix Ltd.

WavemetrixWaveMetrix is the world’s premier provider of buzz research. Founded in the US in 2003, we have been a global company from the beginning. We are headquartered in London with our technology centre in San Diego, California.

Our clients more often than not are Fortune 500 companies, renowned for customer focus and product innovation. We have clients across Asia, Europe and North America.

These companies work with WaveMetrix not just because we offer granular insight into online opinion, but because we enable them connect to their customers in any geography and any language.

We also work with small and dynamic companies that believe listening to their customers lies at the heart of future growth.

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WaveMetrix Ltd.
4-5 Castle Court
GB-London, EC3V 9DL
Tel: 0044 (0)207 025 8012
E-Mail: jobs@wavemetrix.com